OSP Site Shutting Down In December

Both Doug and I are too busy with other things, including employment and the seeking thereof. There is not enough time or energy left over to keep things going. The money part is minimal, but it can be put to better use in other areas.

The server rental expires in December. The lights will go off then.

Doug’s Tech Podcast Intake, April 2015

Picture of cat

The Internet is for cats.

Almost two years ago, I gave my tech podcast intake. For a variety of reasons, things have changed substantially since then. One of the things that has changed substantially is that I've gone to more a download as needed approach than listening to every show. This means many more podcasts are in the feed.

I'm not going to give links, but if anyone needs a link, just leave a comment!

Arrested DevOps – There's too much culture talk for me. I think if I was a tech manager I might find it more useful.

AWS Podcast – I have yet to decide if this is useful or not for me. If you are using AWS extensively, I think their updates would likely prove useful.

Build Podcast – I wish this were audio only, or that my podcatcher would speed up videos.

Coding 101 – I wish their backcatalog was in the feed. Not much in the current feed seems interesting, so I need to give this more time.

Cyberunions.org – you know, if they ever release another.

DevOps Cafe Podcast – this is certainly a candidate for deletion

FLOSS Weekly – This is generally not technical enough for me at this point, but is interesting occasionally

HPR – I don't really listen all that often.

Hak5 – this is another candidate for deletion, mainly because it is video

Meet the MySQL Experts – nothing new since Dec 4…the last time we posted here as well.

OurSQL – Probably too specific for me to keep for too long

Packet Pushers – hardcore networking

Puppet Labs – The sister show to The Food Fight Show, I guess (to which I previously listened)

Software Engineering Radio – 

Support Ops Hangout – This doesn't really qualify as tech, but that's where I put it. It's probably not going to stay for too long.

Support Ops Podcast – This is no longer running. They moved to Hangouts, but they still release as audio

The Cloudcast – despite the marketing term "cloud," this is actually pretty good.

Linux Outlaws – it's dead, but I'm waiting for the feed to announce the new show.

Upstream – this is probably dead, but I'm going to go back and listen to their rpm-ostree interview before deleting it


From Pythn Import Podcast – possibly dead

How to Program with Java – if you are interested in learning Java, this is great. I wish there was one of these for python.

Import This – new, but already seems to have died after one episode

Python for Informatics – the closest thing to How to Program with Java, but really expects you to be looking at a computer screen

Talk Python To Me – I just started this and actually it just started, but the first four episodes give me high hopes.


Free as in Freedom – strictly speaking, not a tech podcast, but close enough

This Week in Law – even less of a tech podcast, but they do talk about the intersection of law and technology

Snowdrift.coop crowdfunding campaign and interview with RynoTheBearded

The whole point of my little mini-series on crowdfunding was to bring us to this point. Snowdrift.coop is not only free software with an ongoing crowd-funding campaign, it is a crowd-funding platform itself. I'm not going to try to explain how Snowdrift.coop is different. I'll leave that up to Aaron in the video below.

Note: the main video above is also available in fully-free format at Archive.org.

I've also decided to include below an interview from September between Snowdrift.coop co-founder Aaron Wolf and RynoTheBearded. You can read my commentary on the interview at Music Manumit.

Repost of Music Manumit interview with Patreon

This is the second in a three-part mini-series on crowd-funding. Actually, Music Manumit will be talking to Kickstarter in February, but that's far enough away not to include it in this mini-series. I'll post it here too because I think free software developers should look at all of their funding options.

If you think the IndieGoGo and Kickstarter models have problems (aside from not being free software), then Patreon might be the funding platform for you.

As always, Music Manumit is released under a CC BY-SA license.

Repost of Music Manumit interview with IndieGoGo

Once again, we have an interview with non-free software. I have no hope of IndieGoGo going free software, but this is the first in a series, and the reason for leaving it here should become apparent. Of course, free software developers could use IndieGoGo and it's good to understand your options.

As always, Music Manumit is released under CC BY-SA

Repost of Music Manumit Interview with Starfrosch.ch

As far as OSP posts going, this is a bit of an odd one. The software that runs starfrosch.ch is not free software – yet. I'm hoping I can find someone to help the developer clean up the code. You'll find out in the interview that the reason it isn't free software is because he doesn't think he is a good developer. I'm sure it's not a bad as he thinks, and even if it is, making it free software, may help make it better. 2 posts down, 3 to go!

Per usual, Music Manumit is released under CC BY-SA.

Repost of Music Manumit interview with Chris Webber of Mediagoblin

It's hard to know exactly what to call this little spurt of posts that is coming. It's also hard to know how I should announce. Is it worth an entire post to say "yay, posts are coming!"? I think probably not. There will be little meta-posts on many of them, but potentially not all. The posts will be about Patreon, IndieGoGo, Starfrosh, and finally Snowdrift.coop.

I'm going to leave the show notes over on the original post at Music Manumit. Please let us know if you'd prefer I post the show notes here too.

Theoretically, this player will pick mp3 or ogg depending on your browser capabilities. Please let us know if it isn't working. It was tested in Chromium.

[Meta] Looking Forward, Edition 2014-10

Do you ever start doing something, then say “this could be much more if …”?

I recently did this. “This” in this case is a couple of projects: OSP and Federati Networks. Federati will be getting its own blog soon, so that’s where I’ll discuss its potential future. Let’s talk about Open Source Playground.

You’ve read the story. Doug started OSP (along with Sportazine, FCSS [once known as TINT], CC music podcast Music Manumit, Music Manumit Lawcast, and other projects). In the case of OSP, my thoughts and Doug’s will have to coincide if anything is to change.

Anyway, it may take a while, but I have some things I would like to see OSP accomplish. First of all, I don’t think an occasionally-updated blog and a podcast with zero episodes it really what we are trying to do here. I think this is good as far as it goes, but that we should set our sights higher.

This one is not finished, but it has sat awaiting publication for a month. I’d rather do follow-ups in the comments or write more posts as we have a clearer idea than hold this one for three or four months.

TL;DR: OSP should be more than just a blog or two, a zero episode podcast, and a dream in a couple of people’s minds. We’re both time and resource constrained, but expect more. We do.